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Tuttle - Reconnaissance in Puerto Rico

Dyer-Williams - Reconnaissance in Arkansas

Schroeder - Documenting large liquefaction feature

Martitia Tuttle, Principal Investigator, has been active in paleoseismology research since 1985. She has conducted studies in the central, northeastern, and western United States, southeastern Canada, and northeastern Caribbean, where she has played a pivotal role in identifying and dating earthquake-induced liquefaction features and assessing the earthquake potential of those regions. In addition, she has been involved in paleoseismic studies in Australia and Portugal. Tuttle has participated in post-earthquake surveys of liquefaction features and related ground failures in California, Quebec, and India, and has collaborated in geotechnical studies of liquefaction sites in Massachusetts, Quebec, and in the central United States. In addition, she has studied tsunami deposits in Newfoundland and active faults and seismicity in central California. For details, see Martitia Tuttle's Curriculum Vitae.

: Haydar Al-Shukri of University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Jan Campbell of Prentice Thomas and Associates, Judi Chester of Texas A&M University, Kathleen Dyer-Williams of VanLeen Associates, John Ebel of Boston College, Marion Haynes of Arkansas Archeological Survey, Bob Lafferty of Mid-Continental Research Associates, Paul Mayne of Georgia Tech University, Caroline Moseley, Juan Carlos Moya of Ecogeo, LLC, Carol Prentice of U.S. Geological Survey, Paul Rydelek of University of Memphis, Alan Ruffman of Geomarine Associates, Buddy Schweig of U.S. Geological Survey, John Sims of J. Sims and Associates, Kathy Tucker of University of Memphis, Rusty Weisman of Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Andrzej Witkowski of University of Szczecin, and Lorraine Wolf of Auburn University.

Computer, graphics, and research assistant: Caroline Moseley.

Student assistants: April Barnes, Sharon Browning, and Jonathan Collier of Auburn University, Jeremy Efros of Boston College, Laurel Mayrose of University of Memphis, Janine Savage of University of Maryland, Holly Schroeder of Wesleyan University and Susana Vilanova of Instituto Superior Technico.

                                                                                   Efros - Augering marsh deposits

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